Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 1

“...because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”

We have just finished a wonderful evening under a canopy worshipping and I remain alone  writing this with the crickets chirping in the most pleasant night air. Apologies to all of you baking in the states.

The flights went smoothly and without incident. This has been so rare over the years that I have come to expect some problem to arise in our travels. The only issue that could be remotely considered an inconvenience was while at a store purchasing water and a gentleman in front of us in line who was purchasing hundreds of items for the entire city of San Pedro. (That is an exaggeration.) The time in line allowed us to get our minds on "Honduran time."

Reunions. I love seeing old friends like Steve Sandfort, who has been on five trips with me. We met him and the four from Dallas during our layover in Miami. I enjoyed catching up with him and his ever calming spirit as well as meeting the rest of our team. We also met  Mizael and his precious family. He greeted me with, "My brother from another mother."

Tonight I challenged us all to value you Jesus above all things. My prayer is that this week we would all grow to love our Savior even more.

After our worship time we all bagged goodies to hand out to each of the nursing home residents we will meet tomorrow afternoon.

This has been a good day.


  1. Josh and I moved everything out of his room, primed and watched a great movie. We missed you and are very tired. Say hello to everyone for me. I started the adoption paperwork. Yipee!!

  2. so glad you didn't have any flight delays !!!!

  3. Thinking of you and your group this morning. Up early trying to get some VBS Parent's Night writing done. None so far!

    Who all went on your trip this year? I am missing being with you this year, esp. when I talk to Becky and Doris re: Honduras. I have such fond memories of all the trips. Israel and Hollie and family coming over this evening for Doris' birthday party. Carlos is doing great after his surgery. He came home on Friday.

    Praying for you brother and all your crew. What's on this year's agenda?


    1. I am glad to hear you will be spending time with the Hollidays. I am sure it will be a blessing for you all. Katharine Marrow was excited to know it was you that Carlos and his mom and Becky (or is it Bacca?) were with you. (I believe that she saw your real name on the list and didn't recognizer that it was you.)

      From Grace, we have Tori, Eric and Shannon Adams, Jimmy and Sandee Akers, and Judy Wheatley. The only other person you may know is Steve Sandfort. He brought four others from TX.

  4. Ooops. Had to update profile. Hadn't used since I registered years ago to read my niece's mission trip journal.